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The aftermath of the fire on March 31st

Zeillern, April 17, 2014

Dear visitor

Only two days after the fire in our production facility we commenced clean-up and restoration. These are ongoing tasks which will continue for several weeks. Now we are happy to announce that we could already resume production in an external facility.

Unfortunately this event causes a delayed delivery of approximately two months for our existing customers. From July we plan to be back at our old production capacity which will be increased over the course of the year.

Made in Austria: The ArrowCopter AC20 – why compromise?

www.fd-composites.atMost things in life require compromises in which you settle for less than expected. We believe in choices rather than compromises. You have the choice to fly any gyrocopter. And you have the choice to fly the ultimate in performance, style and safety: the ArrowCopter AC20
FD-Composites leitmotif over 4 years of intense development time can be summed up in a single word: uncompromising.
A closed gyrocopter whose aerodynamic shape not only looks excitingly stylish but also has aerodynamic sex appeal that translates into speed, performance and safety is the result.

The ArrowCopter AC20 sets new standards!

Quality measuringIntegrating new safety systems and state-of-the-art carbon fiber production technology in a highly attractive design and styling is what makes the ArrowCopter achieve its outstanding performance and quality standards. The aerodynamic cockpit shape is prove that the design principle of "form follows function" is compatible with timeless, head turning esthetics. Another development is the innovative wing – landing gear combination, named Wing-Suspension-Gear-Petrol-System WSGP®, wholly developed by FD-Composites. Its triple function as lifting device, gear suspension and fuel tank improve efficiency while yielding stunning flight characteristics.

Go here to visit the high-quality production of the ArrowCopter AC20.

Christmas Edition from Switzerland

Many thanks to our Swiss partner Sascha Sandi and

Nice shots...

Many thanks to our Swiss partner Sascha Sandi and

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ArrowCopter AC20

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